Build fireplace fire or wood stove fire using these tools

Checklist - Hearth Tools

Go to your hearth products retailer and pick out a good set of tools for your fireplace fire or wood stove fire. You'll be happy later on if you spend a little extra for a good set. Flimsy tools, and tools with handles that unscrew easily or fall off, will drive you crazy and take away from the relaxation and enjoyment of your fireplace fire. 

If you are using a fireplace, a spark screen is a must. If you have young children, you need a safety screen around a wood stove, as well. 

Woodburner's gloves will help you feed the fire, and avoid burning your hands. With good quality gloves, you can literally reach into the fire and move a log in emergencies. 

To help in the task of lugging the wood from the wood pile to the living room, you will want a wood carrier. It is a wide fabric or leather sling with handles, that allows you to carry an armload without dropping logs or scattering wood chips everywhere. Some are designed like wide tote bags, for extra cleanliness. A sturdy wood rack by the hearth will keep your indoor wood supply safe and neat. 

Don't forget to have a fire extinguisher nearby, just in case. Another type of safety device is a chimney fire extinguisher. This looks like a large road flare. If you have a chimney fire, you strike it and place it in the firebox, and it emits a huge quantity of smoke, which stifles the chimney fire. Ask for details at your local stove shop, or ask your chimney professional.

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