Pellet Appliance Diagnostics and Repair

Hearth and Chimney technology has changed since "August West" first started advertising in Mother Earth News in the 1970s. Modern appliances are much more sensitive, have control boards, electronic circuitry and UL listing requirements. Today's "modern sweep" needs to be part electrician, hold multiple licenses and wear multiple hats.

These classes are designed to help you increase your productivity and the services you can offer your customers.

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* * Pellet Appliance Diagnostics and Repair * * 

This is a hands on, non-brand specific class. Students will be learning on a variety of working units.

This class is designed to provide an in depth knowledge of the theory and application of pellet control systems. It will cover how to service, troubleshoot and repair different types of pellet stoves including:

-  Basic Electrical and Electronics
-  Burn Systems
-  Feed Systems
- Heat Delivery Methods
-  Component Function and Testing
-  Wiring Harness Diagnostic and Repair
- Safety Systems
-  Tools and Test Equipment

Due to the extensive amount of material and hands on training this is a 2 day class.

If enough people are interested to qualify we will hold the NFI Pellet Review and Exam the following day. This class will qualify for CEUs for NFI and CSIA certification renewals.

We are currently holding this class on the following dates:

* September 16th and 17th, with NFI test on the 18 if needed

*  October 12th and 13th, will NFI on the 14th (this is a weekend class, it will be a standard full day on Sunday)

*  November 18th and 19th, with NFI on the 20th.

Please contact Laura at 603-755-4835 for registration details, or email, please put Pellet Class in the subject line.

Class : $575, there is a $50 discount for members of NEHPBA.

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