Checking a chimney

Chimney safety should be a concern for every homeowner. Each year, lives and property are lost due to improper care and maintenance of chimneys. You can check some parts of the chimney yourself. We will review those below. But other parts need to be checked by a professional.

This is why you should have your chimney checked at least once each year by a chimney professional, and cleaned if necessary. In some cases, your chimney professional will advise more frequent visits.

Since fire safety is involved, let's talk first about the services of a chimney professional; then we will cover things you can do yourself

Checklist for checking a chimney

  • Is the chimney structurally sound?
  • Was it constructed properly?
  • Is it lined?
  • Is the lining in satisfactory condition?
  • Are the appliances properly installed?
  • Does it require cleaning?
  • What other maintenance is required?
  • Is there a chimney cap on the chimney?
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