Fireplace leaks

Water leaking into a fireplace chimney is a nuisance. Water should not leak into your fireplace. If it does, first be sure you have a chimney cap to keep water from running freely down the flue.

Why Do I Need A Chimney Cap?

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A chimney cap is a preventive maintenance measure to protect against water entry, backdrafts, and pest entry into the chimney.

The Misunderstood Chimney Cricket

Marge Padgitt

The chimneycricket sheds rain water away from the chimney rather than allowing it to beat down onto the side of the chimney that is the most susceptible to water penetration.

Water Repellant Good Idea for Masonry Chimneys

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As spring approaches homeowners are thinking about their exterior home maintenance and that should include their masonry chimney.

Best time for chimney repairs

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Homeowners are told that the fall and winter months are not suitable for some chimney repairs and they should have this work done in the summer when the weather is better.  There are several good reasons for homeowners to act right now to get those chimney services performed before the good weather goes away!

Fireplace stains

Todd Woofenden

A fireplace with white stains or black stains is unsightly. Sometimes this is caused by water; other times, by smoke. Tips for cleaning your fireplace.

Smoke Signals: Have a question about your chimney?