The Duty to Warn - part 2

Oliver Beauchemin

The duty to warn and a seller’s disclosure address different legal concerns but the types of potential hazards they cover can overlap considerably. While a duty to warn is designed to prevent physical injury (and subsequent legal action and damages), a seller’s disclosure is designed primarily to address a home’s value, both its selling price and its resale value.


Todd Woofenden

One of the great misunderstandings in the world of woodstoves is how creosote fits into the picture. Contrary to popular belief, creosote is not an inevitable product of wood burning. Creosote forms when wood is burned incompletely, and is an indication of improper use, poor installation, or a poor wood stove design.

Woodstove problems: poor performance

Todd Woofenden

Sometimes it seems that the stove just isn’t working as well as it used to. If there is no obvious problem, such as smoking, catalyst malfunction, etc., but it just doesn’t seem to be doing the job it used to, consider the possibilities in this article.

Woodstove problem: catalytic combustor

Todd Woofenden

If your stove has a catalytic combustor, it is critical that it be in good working condition, as the efficiency of the stove depends almost entirely on the cat. ?  In general, If you have followed the instructions for lighting the stove, waited until it is up to the correct temperature, and engaged the cat, within a few minutes the stove should be burning steadily, with little or no visible smoke exiting the chimney.

Woodstove problems: warped or broken parts

Todd Woofenden

The metal plates on the inside of the stove are there to protect the outside of the stove from damage. If any of the burn plates becomes cracked or badly warped, replace it. It is a lot cheaper than replacing the whole stove down the road!

Wood stove accessories

Todd Woofenden

There are lots of accessories for wood stoves, some for the purpose of improved performance, others for atmosphere or decoration. Here we will cover the basics from Ash Vacuum to Warming Shelves for use with a woodstove.

EPA-certified woodstoves

Todd Woofenden

Here is a simple guide to the types of new, EPA-certified stoves you will see in your local stove shop, and how they work. An understanding of these basic categories will simplify your stove shopping.

Older woodstoves still in use

Todd Woofenden

Since EPA-certified stoves are a recent phenomenon, there are lots of older, pre-EPA stoves in use including Franklin woodstoves, non-airtight stoves and some that are airtight.

Smoking fireplaces part 1: smoky fireplace startups

Todd Woofenden

Do you have a “non-working” fireplace because your fireplace has a smoking problem? How to handle smoking fireplace problems.

How to use the fireplace

Todd Woofenden

If you are new to fireplaces or your new home has a fireplace, there are a few basic things you should know before you begin to use the fireplace. This is a very basic explanation of how to use your fireplace and includes information on what to do next.

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