Chimney Fires

Chimney fires are serious! Temperatures in the chimney during a chimney fire can reach over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to destroy the chimney liner and possibly set the house on fire.

Hiring a chimney professional

In checking your chimney, a chimney professional can check all of the visible components of the chimney for damage, needed maintenance, and fire safety. A chimney professional is trained to look for dangerous or questionable conditions that a homeowner could easily miss.

Buying a new woodstove

Todd Woofenden

It sounds complicated, and with all the features and options available on new stoves, it is! But with a little preparation, your stove shopping will be painless and successful. By considering some of the basics before you even arrive at the stove shop, you will be ready to ask the right questions and to look for the features that will really make a difference.

Older woodstoves still in use

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Since EPA-certified stoves are a recent phenomenon, there are lots of older, pre-EPA stoves in use including Franklin woodstoves, non-airtight stoves and some that are airtight.

Mechanical troubles with fireplaces: fireplace doors

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A good set of fireplace doors is a highly- recommended accessory for saving heat and optimizing your enjoyment of the fireplace. But if the doors are damaged, improperly installed, or out of adjustment, they can be frustrating. Your chimney professional can fix most fireplace door problems.

Smoking fireplaces part 1: smoky fireplace startups

Todd Woofenden

Do you have a “non-working” fireplace because your fireplace has a smoking problem? How to handle smoking fireplace problems.

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