Chimney Fires

Chimney fires are serious! Temperatures in the chimney during a chimney fire can reach over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to destroy the chimney liner and possibly set the house on fire.

Hiring a chimney professional

In checking your chimney, a chimney professional can check all of the visible components of the chimney for damage, needed maintenance, and fire safety. A chimney professional is trained to look for dangerous or questionable conditions that a homeowner could easily miss.

Chimney Maintenance

Todd Woofenden

At least once each year you should have your chimney checked and cleaned if necessary, by a chimney professional.

The Thorough Chimney Inspection

Marge Padgitt

Many sweeps have the opinion that they are immune to legal problems just because it has not happened to them yet. Let me assure you, it can and does happen.

What to Expect with an Historic Chimney

Marge Padgitt

Most homeowners who purchase historic homes recognize the fact that older structures need a lot of work. There are structural issues to deal with as well as cosmetic, and the larger the home, the more problems to address.

Smoky woodstove: smoky endings

Todd Woofenden

If your stove seems to work okay once you get it going, but smokes when you are done using it, as the fire is going out, here are some possibilities.

Tips for wood stove users: 4 - 7

Todd Woofenden

Since there are countless different stove models in the field, each with its unique characteristics, it is beyond the scope of this book to cover the fine points of wood stove operation. But here are some general tips for all wood burners. A continuation of the Tips: 4 - 7

Four Pathways to Chimney Damage

Estoban Corporation

Did the crown erode and let water in? Did the mortar weaken, allowing the crown to settle… causing a cracked crown letting more water in.

Anatomy of a woodstove

Todd Woofenden

Although there are many different models of wood stoves, there are several basic components in all stoves. We will take a look at parts found in all woodstoves as well as those found only in some woodstoves.

A chimney fire can cause more damage than expected to masonry chimneys

Marge Padgitt

The number of damaged chimneys that homeowners are unaware of is staggering.

Negative House Pressure Can Cause Multiple Problems

Marge Padgitt

Negative house pressure is a common problem that can cause fireplaces and wood-burning appliances to smoke, and gas appliances to backdraft deadly Carbon Monoxide gas. This is probably the least understood house issue, but one that usually can be corrected.

Chimney self-check tips for homeowners

Todd Woofenden

Some tips that a homeowner can use when checking a chimney.

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