Questions To Ask A Chimney Sweep Before You Hire

What do you need to ask before you hire a chimney sweep. What are the qualifications of the chimney sweep? What happens if something goes wrong - Insurance? Is the chimney sweep properly trained…how do you know?

Four Pathways to Chimney Damage

Did the crown erode and let water in? Did the mortar weaken, allowing the crown to settle… causing a cracked crown letting more water in.

Cleaning a Chimney: Chemical Chimney Cleaners


You’ve seen advertisements for products touted to “clean your chimney.” Are they effective? Are such products a replacement for the services of live, trained, professional chimney sweeps?

Chimney Height Critical to Fireplace or Wood Stove Performance

Marge Padgitt

Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves only work right when everything is built or installed correctly, and that includes the height of the chimney. There are several factors to take into consideration when planning for the termination height of a masonry or factory built chimney system.

WETT and why do I need a WETT evaluation


WETT Inc is a Not For Profit entity that supplies Chimney and Hearth Technicians in Canada with a Certification in their field. We, as Hearth

Time for Second Sweeping of the Wood-burning Stove Chimney

Marge Padgitt

Now that the wood-burning season is in high gear it’s time to think about scheduling another sweeping to keep the wood stove or insert functioning properly and reduce the risk of chimney fire.

Best time for chimney repairs

Contributing Author

Homeowners are told that the fall and winter months are not suitable for some chimney repairs and they should have this work done in the summer when the weather is better.  There are several good reasons for homeowners to act right now to get those chimney services performed before the good weather goes away!

Cast-in-place Flue Lining Systems

Marge Padgitt

Homeowners have asked for information on what types of flue lining systems are available for masonry chimneys and what the advantages or disadvantages are among them.

Gas Company Told Me my Flue is Blocked

Marge Padgitt

A blocked utility flue serving a gas water heater, furnace, or boiler can mean serious problems.  A blocked flue can cause deadly Carbon Monoxide back up into the home, and is the primary reason for shutting down the system when this occurs.

Hire a Chimney Sweep or Do It Myself

Marge Padgitt

After seeing so many do-it-yourself projects on the DIY network, many homeowners believe that sweeping a chimney is easy, and attempt to do the work themselves to save money. That way of thinking usually ends in disaster.

Holiday Safety

Contributing Author

As the season turns colder, our fireplaces and woodstoves will be supplementing our heat and providing our homes a warm and inviting ambiance for our gatherings.  But the burning fireplace and hot woodstove can become dangerous places for young children and pets running around our homes.

Chimney Cleaning

Marge Padgitt

Black soot covering everyone and everything in its path as it falls out of the chimney and into the parlor is what many homeowners imagine when they think about having their chimney cleaned.  Fortunately, today’s modern chimney sweeps take precautions and use equipment that prevents this type of disaster.

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