Chimney Fires

Chimney fires are serious! Temperatures in the chimney during a chimney fire can reach over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to destroy the chimney liner and possibly set the house on fire.

Woodstove problem: cracked or broken glass

Todd Woofenden

Under normal conditions of use, the stove glass will not crack or break. Causes of glass breakage are varied including that of improper glass installation.

How woodstoves distribute heat

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Which is better, a radiant woodstove or a circulating woodstove? The answer depends on the type of installation.

Smoking fireplaces part 4: smokes on windy days

Todd Woofenden

A fireplace that smokes on windy days is subject to its own set of problems and fixes. This article will look at a number of those problems an how to fix them.

Smoky fireplaces part 2: smoky fireplace endings

Todd Woofenden

Some fireplaces work just fine as long as you keep a rip-roaring fire going. But let it burn low, and it starts to smoke. (You might find that this type of fireplace is also smoky at startup, as discussed above.) The solution is to keep it burning high until spring, when you can open the windows… Just kidding. But seriously now, read on if your fireplace is okay during high-fire, but smokes as it burns low.

Smoking fireplaces part 1: smoky fireplace startups

Todd Woofenden

Do you have a “non-working” fireplace because your fireplace has a smoking problem? How to handle smoking fireplace problems.

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