Animals in fireplace flue

Raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats, and other animals can get into chimneys if there is no cap to keep them out. These animals can bring fleas and ticks into your home, as well as rabies, worms, and other diseases.

Birds and Animals in Chimney

Marge Padgitt

Homeowners often ask the question “How can I get animals out of my flue and keep them out?”  This is usually prompted when there is a problem such as noisy birds, pesky squirrels, or even bats in a chimney.

Are you an animal lover? part 2

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Responsible homeowners will install proper chimney protection such as a chimney cap with a screen to keep out animals from nesting.

Are you an animal lover? part 1

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As we begin to enjoy the warmer weather of Spring, homeowners should remember this is the time of year that our local wildlife in our residential communities are looking for a good place to build a nest and raise their young.  Your chimney, if left open to entry from outside, is an attractive looking place for raccoons, squirrels and birds to build their nests.

Wildlife Removal from a Chimney

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Common wildlife removals from a chimney include birds, raccoon, squirrels, bats, ducks, and the occasional snake. Call a chimney professional for all your chimney wildlife removal needs.

A chimney without a cap

Golden's Chimney Lining

Imagine how much water would come into your home during a rainstorm if you had a hole in your roof twelve inches square. Chimney flues may be even larger than that, so where does all that water go? It runs down the chimney and seeps into the bricks and mortar, settling behind the firebricks.

Animal in the chimney

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If you hear animals in your chimney or if you smell something coming from your chimney that you suspect is from animals (dead or alive), call your chimney professional.

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