ACS Flexable Stainless Steel Chimney Liner 3in

Our newest addition to our line of flexible liners is made of type 316L .006 with a patented "T" locking system.

This design lends itself to unparalleled flexibility without compromising it's locking strength. This means it won't pull apart at the seam under the most rigorous installations. We also have the convenience of offering this liner in a single ply or double ply construction. Just let us know which you prefer when placing your order. For those easy drop ins you may want to go with single ply in order to be more profitable. Or perhaps you have a tough install ahead, that you may winch up, where 2 ply would be more applicable.

CUSTOM OVALIZATION - Our liners can be ovalized at an additional cost of $2.50/ft  to accomodate your specific job requirements. Please call with dimensions.

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