Questions To Ask A Chimney Sweep Before You Hire

What do you need to ask before you hire a chimney sweep. What are the qualifications of the chimney sweep? What happens if something goes wrong - Insurance? Is the chimney sweep properly trained…how do you know?

Find a Good Chimney Sweep

Finding a good chimney sweep can be difficult..!! Especially since there are few cities which regulate the chimney sweep industry.

Tips for wood stove users: 1 - 3

Todd Woofenden

Since there are countless different stove models in the field, each with its unique characteristics, it is beyond the scope of this book to cover the fine points of wood stove operation. But here are some general tips for all wood burners. Tips #1 - 3

How stoves achieve clean burn

Todd Woofenden

All EPA-certified stoves have certain elements in common: Each incorporates a much-improved method of injecting combustion air into the firebox of the stove. The goal is to provide air in all the right places, to maximize the mixture of air and fuel, thereby maximizing combustion.

Installation of a Wood-burning Insert

Marge Padgitt

The key is not to overheat or under heat the living space. This is something that a professional will be able to determine based on a visit to the home.

Installation of a Wood Stove

Marge Padgitt

Now that you’ve decided to install a wood-burning stove and know where the appliance will be located, there are more things to consider when choosing which stove to purchase.

Fireplace odors

Todd Woofenden

As a general rule, in any case of fireplace odors, a chimney cleaning is in order if you haven’t had it done recently (and certainly, if it has been over a year and you use the fireplace). A buildup of soot in the chimney will increase odor problems significantly.

Which is Better - a Freestanding Stove or Fireplace Insert?

Marge Padgitt

So you’ve decided to purchase a wood-burning heating appliance but can’t decide whether a freestanding stove or a fireplace insert would be best? There are several factors to take into consideration before making the purchase.

Smoke Signals: Have a question about your chimney?