Questions To Ask A Chimney Sweep Before You Hire

What do you need to ask before you hire a chimney sweep. What are the qualifications of the chimney sweep? What happens if something goes wrong - Insurance? Is the chimney sweep properly trained…how do you know?

Find a Good Chimney Sweep

Finding a good chimney sweep can be difficult..!! Especially since there are few cities which regulate the chimney sweep industry.

Time for Second Sweeping of the Wood-burning Stove Chimney

Marge Padgitt

Now that the wood-burning season is in high gear it’s time to think about scheduling another sweeping to keep the wood stove or insert functioning properly and reduce the risk of chimney fire.

Planning a Fireplace Remodel

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In one case in Kansas City, a homeowner had a carpenter build custom bookcases and trim work around and above the fireplace. This work was quite extensive and expensive to build. After the work was completed, the homeowner called a chimney sweep to check it to see if there were any problems with the installation.

How to Choose the Best Fireplace

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Homeowners have many options for gas or wood-burning fireplaces, but the choices can be somewhat confusing if all the facts aren’t readily available. The internet can be a good source for research, but there are a lot of sites that don’t provide accurate or thorough information so making a choice can be difficult.

Dryer vents and the chimney sweep

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Dryer vents collect flammable lint, which accumulates inside the dryer, in the flexible connecting pipe, and the dryer vent.  With too much lint in these areas, poor dryer performance will occur and a fire may result.

American Independence

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Some of us are old enough to remember the energy crisis of the 1970’s that began with an oil embargo causing energy prices to quadruple overnight.  It was this sudden increase in the cost to heat our homes that lead to a resurgence of woodburning and by extension, the chimney service and hearth product industry in America.

Chimney Repair - Gas Logs

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Unfortunately, many homeowners are under the impression that gas logs, gas stoves, and gas direct vent fireplace inserts never need any maintenance.  This may have been what the salesperson said at the time of purchase of the appliance, but it is definitely not the case.

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